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The Omar N. Bradley Historical Research Fellowships

Omar Nelson Bradley portrait by Clarence MacNelly

Omar Nelson Bradley by Clarence MacNelly

In 2016 the Omar N. Bradley Foundation will grant ten Omar N. Bradley Historical Research Fellowships, each of which will normally provide $2000 to support an active duty Army officer in pursuing research in military history. Selection of the Fellows will be made without regard to rank, branch, or affiliation with the USMA Department of History. Funds will be granted to those officers who are "actively engaged" in historical research who have the best-developed plans for conducting significant historical work. Research should be in pursuit of a graduate degree or in preparing for scholarly publication. Officers may reapply annually.

Who May Apply

U.S. Army officers who are actively engaged in the study of military history may apply for these fellowships. "Active engagement in the study of military history" includes research toward a Master’s degree or doctorate in military history or research toward a scholarly article or monograph in military history. The selection committee interprets "military history" in the broadest sense. Officers who have been awarded a fellowship in the past may apply again. In this case, the officer should indicate the receipt of the previous grant and how it was employed.

How To Apply

Officers meeting the criteria above should apply to Professor Samuel Watson, Chair, Omar Nelson Bradley Fellowships Committee, Department of History, United States Military Academy, West Point, New York 10996, or electronically to

Applications should include the name, rank, phone number, and duty position of the applicant, status and purpose of research to date, the objective of the proposed research, methodology to be used, a specific statement of needs for funding, and a proposed method of publishing or disseminating the results of the research. Additional materials that will assist the committee in evaluating the application may also be submitted. Whether the results are published or presented, a reference will be made that the research was funded (either fully or partially) by the Omar Nelson Bradley Fellowship. Applications are due to the committee by 1 January 2016.

Selection of Omar Nelson Bradley Fellows

The Omar Nelson Bradley Fellowships Committee shall consist of senior military and/or civilian faculty from the Department of History. Committee members will be appointed by the Professor and Head, Department of History, United States Military Academy. The committee will recommend a slate of ten proposed Omar Nelson Bradley Fellows to the Directors of the Omar Nelson Bradley Foundation by 1 January 2016 with the aim of a final announcement of recipients by 15 February 2016.

Required Grant Application Items

(must be received by 1 January 2016)

  • Name, rank, duty position, contact information
  • Objective of the proposed research
  • Status of research to date
  • Methodology
  • Itemized cost estimate
  • Proposed method of disseminating research results

Suggested Additional Application Items

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Writing Samples, Articles or Manuscripts
  • ORB
  • Letters of Recommendation
    (Academic & Military)
  • Academic Transcripts

Application Timeline

  • Applications due to the Committee no later than 1 JANUARY 2016
  • Committee forwards recommendations to the Bradley Foundation no later than 1 February 2016.

Send Application Materials to:

  • Professor Samuel Watson
    United States Military Academy
    Department of History
    Suite 251, Building 601
    West Point, NY 10996-1793