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Begins Restoration Project

1st Cavalry Division Museum

The movement of two display vehicles this month has begun a 16 vehicle restoration project funded by Army Center of Military History and Fort Hood's Directorate of Logistics. The project includes the painting of the museum's vehicles from Desert Storm and modern vehicle rings. The restoration project should be completed by April 2017.

M 984 HEMTT Wrecker

96th Transportation Company, 1st Cav DIV, loads the museum's M 984 HEMTT Wrecker for trip to the paint booth.

1st Cavalry Division Museum's Gulf War era Iraqi BMP

1st Cavalry Division Museum's Gulf War era Iraqi BMP is readied to a short trip to the paint booth

1st Cavalry Division Museum - Arial view

Arial view of the 1st Cavalry Division Museum


About the 1st Cavalry Division Museum

1st Cavalry Division Museum
Building 2218
761st Tank Battalion Ave & 56th St.
Fort Hood, TX 76545

Mailing Address
1st Cavalry Division Museum
P.O. Box 5187
Fort Hood, TX 76545

Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday: 0900-1600
Saturday: 1000-1600
Sundays and Holidays: 1200-1600
Admission is free.

(254) 287-3626 or DSN 737-3626
Extension 1: Special Events and Holiday hours
Extension 2: Tours and General Information
Extension 3: Gift Shop
Extension 4: Museum NCOIC
Extension 5: Museum Director
Extension 6: Collections Specialist
Extension 7: Exhibits Specialist

Fax: (254) 287-6423 or DSN 737-6423
Email: Museum Director:

Museum Facebook Facebook: 1st Cavalry Division Museum

Museum Educational Programs

The Museum offers a series of educational programs to inform Soldiers and the public on the history of the 1st Cavalry Division. Please contact the Museum for details and availability. Some of these programs include:

Staff Rides: Historical programs include the Alamo Siege and Battle Tour and the Texas Frontier Forts Tour.

1st Cavalry Division Travelling Exhibit: The Museum offers a travelling exhibit on the history of the 1st Cavalry Division that can be displayed during unit events such as dining-outs and military balls. This is a desktop style exhibit that has photographs depicting a variety of historical events of the 1st Cavalry Division.

Threat weapon and vehicle training: The Museum offers hand on training on threat weapons as well as threat vehicle identification classes.

Museum Living History Group: The Museum has an established group that has been developed to help interpret the history of units in the Division. The group travels to locations and offers demonstrations of 1870’s period uniforms and equipment as well as its replica Model 1866 Gatling gun.

Museum Tours

Museum Orientation: All Museum visitors receive a briefing from a Museum Staff Member when they enter the building and can view the indoor and outdoor exhibits at their leisure.

Guided Tours: The Museum staff will provide a personalized guided tour of the Museum. Visitors are encouraged to coordinate guided tours in advance to ensure availability.

Treasure Hunt: The Museum has developed a Treasure Hunt game for young visitors and it is Children are asked to locate objects depicted on the Treasure Hunt sheet in the exhibits throughout the Museum.

1st Cavalry Division History Quiz: The Museum has developed a quiz for Soldiers and older visitors that is also available at the front desk. Guests are asked to find answers to questions on 1st Cavalry Division History within the text of the Museum’s exhibits. 1St Cav Soldiers complete this quiz as part of their Spur Ride requirements.

Fort Hood Access
Getting on Base to Visit the Museum: Visitors without military credentials will require a base pass in order to visit. They must stop at Fort Hood's Marvin Leath Visitors Center which is adjacent to the Main Gate, just off of U.S. Hwy. 190 on T.J Mills Blvd. Procedures for obtaining a base pass can be found at the following information page: Fort Hood Visitor Center

Indoor Exhibits

The Museum features a wide number of displays that depict the history of the Division from its units that participated in the Civil War up to its current operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. There are life size dioramas depicting 1st Cavalry Division troopers in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, the War on Terror, and many more.

Outdoor Exhibits

The Museum also features approximately 10 acres of outdoor exhibits which include a wide selection of U.S. Army equipment. Whether it's a wheeled vehicle, armored vehicle or aircraft, this equipment has added to the historical significance of the First Team.