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African Americans In the U. S. Army - Early WWII

Compiled by CPT John F. Curley
Photos from the Signal Corps Collection in Record Group #111
Still Picture Branch
National Archives at College Park
8601 Adelphi Road
College Park, MD 20740-6001

  • The Layout

    Second Army Tennessee Maneuvers. The Layout. Company F, 347th Inf Reg., 87th Inf. Division, stands by for inspection by the Commanding General, Major General Percy Clarkson. (8 May 43) Signal Corps Photo: 164-007-43-989 (Sgt. J. A. Grant)

  • Gas Mask

    Training. Some things never change. Close-up of Sgt. Loel Putnam in gas mask and protective cloth permeable helmet at Chemical Warfare decontamination demonstration at Fort Bliss, Tx. (7 Sep 44) Signal Corps Photo: 8SVC-2-44-5717 (Sgt. Bradt)

  • Football

    Training. Football Training in the Army. A new use for the versatile jeep, as it's being substituted for a charging sled. Capt. C. R. Goodwin, Special Projects Officer of the 66th Division at Camp Joseph T. Robinson, Ark., is getting a "ride" while directing the training of a gridiron team which is part of the camp's athletic program. (Nov 43)

  • The Show

    Training. Regimental Show presented by the Fourth Cycle of the 12th Training Regiment at the Field House, Camp Robinson, Arkansas. (3 Nov 42) Signal Corps Photo: 8SVC-9-42-463

  • S-1 Office

    Third Army Louisiana Maneuvers. S-1 Field Office. Sgt. Vern Kurtanbauch, from Brandt, S. Dakota, the S-1 clerk for the Service Co., 355th Inf., 89th Inf. Div, sets up shop as the Red and Blue Armies maneuver at Camp Carson, Co. (10 Jul 43) Signal Corps Photo: 165-8-43-1118 (Pfc. P. J. Petrony)

  • Abandon Ship

    Third Army Louisiana Maneuvers. Cpl. Larry Corletti, San Francisco, Cal., Pvt. Murril Chapman, Lockhaven, Pa., and Pvt. Louis Robles, Brooklyn, N. Y., of Co. B, 741st Tank Bn., abandon a disabled M-3 tank during maneuvers at Camp Polk, La. (12 Feb 43) Signal Corps Photo: 165-L1-43-330 (Sgt Calvano)

  • Modified Vehicle

    Second Army Tennessee Maneuvers. 3 miles west of Watertown. As an addition to the battalion's defense, HQ Co. of the 5th Armd Maint Bn developed an idea thought up by Ordernance Sgt. Magazine. The 37mm gun is the only field weapon alloted for the battalion's defense. To increase firepower, a 50 cal. Machine gun was mounted on the front of the 37mm gun vehicle. All parts were made and mounted by HQ personnel. (6 Jun 43) Signal Corps Photo: 164-0012-43-204 (Pvt. J. F. Albert)

  • Mobile Library

    Third Army Louisiana Maneuvers. The 31st Division's Mobile Library in the maneuver area at Camp Polk, La. (18 Aug 43) Signal Corps Photo: 165-L2-43-1917 (T/Sgt Wm Murray)

  • WAC Mechanic

    Home Front. WACS Perform 155 Different Jobs. The Women's Army Corps is part of the Army of the United States in the fullest sense of the word. Each new WAC recruit reduces by one the number of men to be drafted to fill the quota required by the Army. WAC Pvt. Mary Delession, Philidelphia, Pa., is classed among the best mechanics at Gowen Field, Idaho. (Nov 43)

  • WAC Mechanic

    Home Front. Women Ordnance Workers. Warm, appetizing, and substantial lunches served the explosive-area workers in bomb shelters. Only 38 cents. Left to right: Mrs. Delia Evans, Mrs. Alva Lou Snow, Mrs. Margaret Kitchins. (1943)

  • Bull Dozer

    Bull Dozer England. 20 year veteran, M/Sgt. Knowles Freeman, Pensacola, Fla., atop a giant bulldozer. He is a member of the 829th Engineer Construction Company building an airport near Eye, England. (2 Mar 43) Signal Corps Photo: ETO-HQ-43-1626 (Pearson)

  • Nurses

    England. 67th General Hospital, Taunton, England. These nurses from Maine enjoy listening to a letter from home in their recreation room. (L to R) All 2nd Lt's. Hazel Churchhill, West Farmington, Maine, Marjorie French, Augusta, Maine, Louise Libby, Portland, Maine, Hilda Morrile, South Brewer, Maine, Dolores Graham, Myllinocket, Maine, Arneta Blanchard, Thorndike, Maine. (3 Mar 43) Signal Corps Photo: ETO-HQ-43-1819 (Pearson)

  • Jeep Assembly

    England. Jeep Assembly Line from which a completely assembled jeep can be produced every three minutes. Assembly Depot 0-640, Tidworth, Wilts, England. (8 Sep 43) Signal Corps Photo: ETO-HQ-43-6606 (Lt. Ray)

  • Women Correspondents

    England. Women War Correspondents working in the European Theatre of Operations. (L-R): Mary Welch: Time and Life; Dixie Tighe: N.Y., International; Kathleen Harriman: N.Y., Newsweek; Helen Kirkpatrick: Rochester, N.Y., Chicago Daily News; Lee Miller: Poughkeepsie, N.Y., Vogue; Tania Long: Westport Conn., N.Y. Times. London, England. (1 Feb 43) Signal Corps Photo: ETO-HQ-43-1195 (Moore)

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