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Official Histories:

South to the Naktong, North to theYalu

Ebb and Flow

Truce Tent and Fighting Front

Combat Actions in Korea

Combat Support in Korea

Black Soldier, White Army

Korean War Maps

Art and Images:

Korean War Photographs, 1950

Korean War Photographs, 1951

Korean War Photographs, 1952

Engineers in Korea
(Photos digitized by the Engineer History Office, Ft. Leonard Wood)

Army Nurses: World War II and Korean War Images

CMH Studies and Documents:

Airborne Operations in Korea

The Effectiveness of Air Interdiction during the Korean War

Highlights of Mobilization, Korean War

Intelligence and Counterintelligence Problems During the Korea Conflict

Quartermaster Field Service Platoon in Action (Graves Registration Functions in the Korean War)

Operations in Southern France, Rear Area Security in Russia 1941-1944, North Africa, and Korea

Statistical Data on Strength and Casualties for Korean War and Vietnam

Service Manpower Drawdowns after Korean and Vietnam Wars

Other Korean War Materials:

Medal of Honor Recipients

A Brief Summary of the Campaigns

Photographs of the Korean War - For more photographs and their full captions, see the link to Korean War Photographs, 1952

Korean War
Commemoration Brochures

The Outbreak
27 June-15 September 1950

The UN Offensive
16 September-2 November 1950

The Chinese Intervention
3 November 1950-24 January 1951

Restoring the Balance
25 January- 8 July 1951

Years of Stalemate
July 1951- July 1953

Korean War Posters
(Offered as PDF Files)

Phase 1, 27 June-15 September 1950
(UN Defensive)

Phase 2, 16 September-2 November 1950
(UN Offensive)

Phase 3, 3 November 1950-24 January 1951
(CCF Intervention)

Phase 4, 25 January-21 April 1951
22 April-8 July 1951

(First UN Counteroffensive)
(CCF Spring Offensive)

Phase 5, 9 July 1951-27 July 1953
(UN Summer-Fall Offensive 1951)
(Second Korean Winter)
(Korea, Summer- Fall 1952)
(Third Korean Winter)
(Korea, Summer 1953)

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Text Extracts from
Korean War Posters

Korean War Chronology

Korean War Narrative



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