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Welcome to the
U.S. Army Museums Virtual Scavenger Hunt


The Center of Military History (CMH) provides a fun, challenging, and educational way to learn more about Army history and the Army Museum Enterprise (AME) through a Virtual Scavenger Hunt.

Each topic includes exciting hands-on challenging activities for history enthusiasts of all ages! The Scavenger Hunt takes you on a virtual trip to Army Museums around the world to discover artifacts and explore museums while learning about the Army’s proud history and heritage.

Join us from home, the office or the classroom to experience Army history!

How it works:

Each scavenger hunt is topic oriented to a specific event or person from Army history. Each topic includes a Worksheet that has questions and pictures of artifacts that must be found online at an Army Museum somewhere in the world. The worksheet can be used online or as a downloadable pdf. The questions provide hints where to locate the artifact and answer a question that is related to the topic. By the time the scavenger hunt is completed, you will have learned about the topic, seen actual artifacts about the topic first hand, and experienced a virtual tour of Army Museums.

The scavenger hunt can be played individually as an educational challenge or used as a competition for small groups.

Once completed, click on the Answer Key link to see how you did.

Links to Scavenger Hunt Topics