Belle Grove Plantation

Continue on CR 727 to Belle Grove, park in the lot, and go first to the map board by the old main gate.

The mansion was Sheridan's headquarters before and after the battle. It was the scene of heavy fighting around 0630, and in the evening served as the collecting point for captured materiel. Forty-five guns and hundreds of wagons were drawn up in rows between the mansion and US 11. About 1,300 Confederate prisoners camped under guard in the vicinity of the small stone house.

After the map board, go to the rear of the mansion and walk down the lane between the house and barns. Go past the kitchen garden, through the gate, and past the two barns, proceeding for about 100 yards to the far end of the trailer house.

Looking ahead (west) you will see the raw earth of a hill in the middle distance. Known as Red Hill in the 19th Century, it was the bivouac site of Wheaton's First Division, VI Corps. The corps came forward to a line in the vicinity of the red barns you see to the right on the forward slope of the hill. Keifer's Third Division, VI Corps occupied the hillside to your left. Getty's Second Division, VI Corps was camped east of the quarry towers you can see on the right. The quarry buildings occupy what was the Shipley farm at the time of the battle.

Before going to Stop 7, a visit to the house is suggested.

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