CMH Dissertation Fellowships:
Past Recipients

The following individuals were awarded the CMH Dissertation Fellowships since 2003:


Zachery A. Fry
"Lincoln's Divided padding-button-0Legion: Emancipation and the Political Cdlture of the Army of the Potomac, 1861-1865"
(Ohio State University)
Anna "A.J." Murphy
"How Business Management Expertise Changed the U.S. Defense Establishment, 1953-1990"
(Columbia University)


Adam T. Givens
"On the Wing: Army Aviation from the Cold War to the Twenty-First Century"
(Ohio University)
Robert J. Thompson
"Looking into the Barrel of the Gun: The U.S. Army and CORDS in the Pacification of Phu Yen Province, Republic of Vietnam, 1965-1972"
(University of Southern Mississippi)


Daniel F. Giblin
"Digging for Victory: Mobilization of Civilian Labor for the Battle of Kursk"
(The University of North Carolina -Chapel Hill)
Aidan K. Winn
"The Ralliers: A Study of the Chieu Hoi Amnesty Program in Vietnam"
(King's College, London)


Earl J. Catagnus, Jr.
"Getting Rid of the Line: Toward an American Infantry Way of Battle, 1918-1945"
(Temple University)
Trenton C. Jones
"Deprived of Their Liberty: The U.S. Army, Military Labor, and the Making of American Colonialism in Cuba and the Philippines, 1898-1913"
(Johns Hopkins University)


Martin G. Clemis
"The Control War: Pacification in Vietnam, 1968-1972"
(Temple University)
Eric Setzekorn
"Choosing Defeat: China, the United States and the Perils of Army Building, 1944-1949"
(George Washington University)
Ranelle M. Lueth
"Conflicting Lines: World War I Combat Artists and Their Works"
(University of Iowa) [Museum Fellowship]


Ryan Keating
"'Give Us War in Our Time': America's Irish Communities in the Civil War Era"
(Fordham University)
Robert Shafer
"Creating Comforts: The Exchange and Consumption of Sugar, Tobacco and Other Everyday Stimdlants During the Great War"
(Pennsylvania State University)


Sarah A. Barksdale
"Stationed on the Borderlands: Black Soldiers and Double Consciousness, 1940-1953 "
(University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Lon J. Strauss
"A Paranoid State: The American Public, Military Surveillance, and the Espionage Act in World War I "
(University of Kansas)


Michael J. Doidge
"An Army Worth Fighting For: Doctrinal, Strategic, and Bureaucratic Transformation in the U.S. Army from 1946 to 1963"
(University of Southern Mississippi)
Eric W. Klinek
"The Army's Orphans: The United States Army Replacement System in the European Campaign, 1944-1945"
(Temple University)


Sara E. Berndt
"Conflict and Change during the U.S. Occupation of Cuba, 1898-1902 "
(George Washington University)
Catharine R. Franklin
"Sherman's Lieutenants: The Army Officer Corps and Federal Indian Policy, 1862-1890"
(University of Oklahoma)
Abbie L. Salyers
"The Internment of Memory: Forgetting and Remembering the Japanese American Experience during World War II"
(Rice University)


Edward A. Gutiérrez
"Sherman was Right: The Experience of AEF Soldiers in the First World War"
(Ohio State University)
Jacqueline E. Whitt
"A Crisis of Faith: Chaplains, Vietnam, and Religion in the American Military"
(University of North Carolina)


Martin Loicano
"Negotiating Strategy: Republic of Vietnam and United States Military Relations, 1968-1973" (Cornell University)
Thomas G. Nester
"The Seventh U.S. Cavalry and the Enforcement of Federal Reconstruction Policy, 1871-1876"
(Texas A&M University)


Kara D. Vuic
"Officer, Nurse, Woman: Shifting Definitions of Gender and U.S. Army Nurses in the Vietnam War"
(Indiana University)
Hanna R. Shell
"Hide and Seek: Camouflage, Animal Skin, and the Nature of Modern War"
(Harvard University)
Stephen E. Sodergren
"The Lesser Evil: Union Soldiers' Adaptation to Combat Conditions in the Petersburg Campaign"
(University of Kansas)


Robert C. Blackstone
"Democracy's Army: The American People and Selective Service in World War II"
(University of Kansas)
Judkin J. Browning
"Wearing the Mask of Nationality Lightly": The Effects of Union Occupation during the Civil War"
(University of Georgia)
Christopher R. Lew
"Becoming God(s): Chinese Communist Party Strategy and Policy During the War of Liberation, 1945-1949"
(University of Pennsylvania)


Mark L. Bradley
"Bluecoats and Tar Heels: The Transition from War to Peace in North Carolina, 1865-1867"
(University of North Carolina)
Christopher J. Bright
"Under the Most Dire Circumstances": Eisenhower and the Strategy and Cdlture of Nuclear Weapons for Continental Defense"
(The George Washington University)


Christopher M. Hamner
"Combat Experience and Response in American Infantrymen: The War for Independence, the Civil War, and the Second World War"
(University of North Carolina)
Mitchell A. Yockelson
"Brothers in Arms: Doughboys and Tommies on the Western Front, 1918"
(Royal Military College of Science)