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White Sands Missile Range Museum


The White Sands Missile Range Museum was founded in 1994 by BG Richard Wharton and the White Sands Pioneer Group as a way to preserve the artifacts and history of this unique part of the Army and New Mexico.

The mission of the WSMR Museum is to collect, preserve, interpret and display the Army's story in New Mexico and the role the Army played in operating the Missile Range to integrate Department of Defense, other Federal agency, and international test activities that contributed to the advancement of missiles and rockets, the emergence of the nuclear age, the winning of the Cold War, and our Nation's continued strategic dominance on the global stage.

The Museum supports our Nation's research and development by forming a bridge between the Missile Range and the public, by connecting our military and civilian work force to a continuum of effort that began in 1945 and continues to excel today. If this history is not preserved at the WSMR Museum, it will be lost forever.


We offer a very wide variety that all deal with the role of the Frontier Army in New Mexico, as well as post-1945. Some highlights are:

  • The Frontier Army in New Mexico - 1806 to 1880
  • Early Ranching in the Tularosa Basin
  • The V-2 Rocket
  • Manhattan Project and the Trinity Test
  • Bataan Death March
  • The Cold War at WSMR
  • Rocket and Missile Testing during the Vietnam War
  • NASA
  • The "Desert Navy" at White Sands

In addition, there are smaller exhibits on optics, cameras and photography, types of rockets, and more.

Visiting the Museum

Admission Free


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Saturday 1000 1700
Sunday Closed

Closed on Federal Holidays

White Sands Missile Range Museum
WSMR P Rt 1, White Sands Missile Range, NM 88002

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