U.S. Army Basic Combat Training Museum


The U.S. Army Basic Combat Training Museum is an official Army museum located at Fort Jackson, SC, that interprets the evolution of basic combat training. The museum’s 7,500+ square feet of exhibit space are dedicated to telling the story of how training in the U.S. Army has developed since 1917 when Fort Jackson, then known as Camp Jackson, first opened. The museum was formerly known as the Fort Jackson Museum which opened its doors in 1974. Through the museum’s galleries visitors follow the current phases of training, learning along the way how the separate elements of training have evolved since WWI. This allows soldiers to share their experience with visitors as they walk through the steps taken to become an American soldier from 1917 to present.

Visiting the Museum

Admission free


Monday 0900 —1600
Tuesday 0900 –1600
Wednesday 0900 –1600
Thursday 0900–1600
Friday 0900 –1600
Saturday Closed —
Sunday Closed —

Extended hours until 1700 on family day.
Closed Weekends and Federal Holidays.
Group tours wishing to visit Fort Jackson can contact Public Affairs Community Relations Officers at 803-751-5327.

4442 Jackson Blvd
Fort Jackson, SC 29207

While the museum is open to the public, visitors must refer to the Fort Jackson Visitor Information page for current base entry requirements.

Contact Us

Mail: Attn: ATZJ-CSB-M
2400 Jackson Blvd, Ft Jackson, SC 29207-5015
Phone: (803) 751-7419  |  DSN: 734-7419