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The mission of the US Army Finance Corps Museum is to function as a permanent historical and educational institution of the Soldiers Support Institute (SSI), and the US Army Finance School, providing training and education to Soldiers, military dependents and interested civilians.


Major General Bickford W. Sawyer, then Chief of Finance, authorized the establishment of the "Finance Corps Historical Exposition" on 29 January 1954. General Sawyer sent requests for "all items of historic nature pertaining to the Finance Corps or its predecessors" to all offices under his command. Miss Helen B. Rhodes, the Finance Center Historian and the U.S. Army Finance Corps Museum's first Curator, displayed the resulting items in the North Lobby of the Finance Center (Building 1) located on Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana.

The Finance Corps Museum evolved into a relatively small but important museum, containing a combined total of 6,200 artifacts in both exhibits and collections areas. After the Base Realignment and Closure Act of 1994, the Finance Corps Museum closed at Fort Benjamin Harrison and moved to Fort

Jackson in 1996. The museum currently comes under the jurisdiction of the Fort Jackson Museum Division. The museum teaches soldiers the importance of Finance Corps branch history.

The Finance Corps Museum focuses on the significant leaders and events that contributed to the Army and the Finance Corps and their relevance to the professionalism of today's Finance Corps personnel. Museum staff conducts tours, providing Finance Corps students with a historical timeline of the Finance Corps' professional evolution from the American Revolution (1775) to the present.

Visiting the Museum

Admission free

While the museum is open to the public, visitors to Fort Jackson must refer to the U.S. Army Fort Jackson: Visitor Information page for current base entry requirements.

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Group tours wishing to visit Fort Jackson can contact Fort Jackson’s Public Affairs, Community Relations Officer at 803-751-5327.

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