Army Artifacts

These artifact highlights presented below, provide a view into the Army Museum System artifact collection.

Army Drum Used in President John F. Kennedy's Funeral

Americans old enough to remember November 1963, and the horror of the assassination of President Kennedy, no doubt recall the relentless cadence sounded by MSG Vincent Battista, on this drum, as they more

Civil War Signal Corps Kit

Various elements of a typical Regulation Civil War Signal Corps Kit, from top to bottom: two signal flags, two torches, one a Foot Torch, the other a Flying Torch. The Flying Torch has attachments for more

1917 Army Nurse Corps Uniform Coat

This 1917 vintage Army Nurse Corps coat made of wool was originally dark blue however, over the years the blue faded to a brownish-purple color. On the lapel is the then new Army NurseCorps branch more

The Five of Hearts - Renault FT-17 Light Tank

The French-made Renault tank, nicknamed the Five of Hearts, belonged to the 344th Tank Battalion in the Tank Brigade under Col. George S. Patton, Jr. The full track steel tank with a turret mounted 37-mm more

Short-Snorter Dollar Bill

In January of 1943 Major General George S. Patton was tasked with the responsibility of billeting, feeding, and keeping secure the attendees of what is now known as the Casablanca Conference. The purpose more

Presentation Drum and Forage Cap

During the Civil War, this brass shell presentation drum sounded the call to arms. It bears the inscription "Henry Galloway", who was a Field Musician with Company H, 55th Regiment of Massachusetts more

Destroyed Chaplain Kit

Charred remains of chaplain kit carried by Medal of Honor recipient CH (MAJ) Charles J. Watters while serving Company A, 173d Support Battalion, 173d Airborne Brigade. CH Watters received the Medal of more

"The Weasel" - The Studebaker M29 Cargo Carrier

The M-29 Cargo Carrier, developed for the United States Army by Studebaker in 1942-1943, also known as "The Weasel", is a lightweight cargo carrier weighing 3,800 total pounds. With a ground pressure of more

Saddam Hussein's Money Box

One of the items in the "spider hole" with Saddam Hussein when he was captured on 13 December 2003 was this green metal box which contained $750,000.00 in US $100 bills. This was apparently his "travelling" more

Pattern 1777, Revolutionary - War Cartridge Box

Contrary to popular belief, American soldiers in the Revolutionary War generally carried cartridge boxes, rather than powder horns and shot pouches. The cartridge box held fixed cartridges of paper for more

M2 Parachutist's Helmet — Operation MARKET GARDEN

This rare M2 steel helmet, used by American paratrooper's during World War II, was recovered from the south end of the Nijmegen Bridge during the Market Garden combat operation in September 1944. In the more

World War II CG-4A Glider Exhibit

Although most people immediately conjure up images of paratroopers descending to earth under silken canopies when they think of airborne operations during World War II, the fact remains that half of the more

The Great Chain at Trophy Point

The Great Chain at Trophy Point. The West Point Museum collection contains several rare Revolutionary War artifacts. 13 links of the Great Chain which was stretched across the Hudson River from West Point more

3d Armored Division, circa 1948

Derived from the same basic design for the Tank Corps insignia approved in World War I by then Captain George Patton, the shoulder sleeve insignia for the 3d Armored Division was designed in 1941. Yellow more

British Kettle Drum

This kettle drum belonged to the band of the British IXth Regiment of Foot which surrendered to American forces according to the terms of the Convention of Saratoga in 1777. The drum along with other trophies more

Cavalry Corps Flag

One of the more unique objects in the U. S. Cavalry Museum collection is the Army of the Potomac/Cavalry Corps flag. General Philip Sheridan directed the flag be made and presented it to the assembled officers at more