Saddam Hussein's Money Box

One of the items in the "spider hole" with Saddam Hussein when he was captured on 13 December 2003 was this green metal box which contained $750,000.00 in US $100 bills. This was apparently his "travelling" money. Saddam Hussein was captured on 13 December in a rural area south of Tikrit by the 4th Infantry Division's 1st Brigade working with Special Operations units. The Division's 230th Finance Battalion was charged with accountability for the money which was to be used in the rebuilding of Iraq. When the 230th redeployed back to Fort Hood in early 2004, they brought the money box (sans money) with them and transferred it to the 4th Infantry Division Museum where it is now on display as part of the exhibit about the capture of Iraq's #1 High Value Target. Although the box originally contained $750,000.00 in US $100 bills, the money currently shown in the box is not real.

4th Infantry Division Museum
Courtesy of the 4th Infantry Division Museum