2d Infantry Division Museum

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The Mission of the 2nd Infantry Division Museum is to collect, preserve, and interpret historically significant properties related to the 2nd Infantry Division from 1917 to the present. The museum will support military training and education through its exhibitions, publications, educational programs, and outreach activities. The 2nd Infantry Division Museum has assumed a secondary mission of interpreting the U.S. Army experience on the Korean peninsula. The 2nd Infantry Division Museum currently displays a collection of artifacts and historic photos relating to the Division's history since its formation during WWI, through today's Warriors guarding Freedom's Frontier.

Museum Educational Programs

Teach, Train, and Mentor Soldiers, Civilians, Students, Local Nationals, and Guests on the proud History of the 2nd Infantry Division, Eighth Army, and Korean Theater of Operations. The Museum offers an array of historical programs including:

  • Guided Tours: The Museum Staff will provide a guided tour of the museum.
  • Conduct Staff Rides: Chipyong-ni, TF Smith, Inchon Landing, Glocester Hill, and Heartbreak Ridge, and Korean War Operations.
  • Historical Programs: The Museum Director/Division Historian provides ethnic observances speeches with related artifacts and presentation.
  • English Language Camps for Local Students.
  • Outreach Program to all Korean Theater of Operations Units, both ROK and US.

Visiting the Museum

Admission Free


Monday 0900 1630
Tuesday 0900 1630
Wednesday 0900 1630
Thursday 0900 1630
Friday 0900 1630
Saturday 0900 1630
Sunday Closed
2nd Infantry Division Museum
Unit #15041 Box #533
APO AP 96258

We are located in North Uijeongbu, Korea

Access for Post Visitors: Access available for all, required 2 picture ID Cards, but Non-Military ID card holders need to be signed in.