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The Normandy Invasion:
The Technical Services in OVERLORD

The following chapters, dealing with OVERLORD planning and participation, are extracted from the Technical Services volumes of the U.S. Army in World War II series:

The Chemical Warfare Service
The Chemical Warfare Service: Chemicals in Combat
Chapter IV: Theater Supply Europe
Chapter IX: Large Area Smoke Screens in the ETO
Chapter XII: The Chemical Mortar in the ETO
Chapter XVI: The Flame Thrower in the War Against Germany

Chemical Mortars at UTAH Beach

The Corps of Engineers
The Corps of Engineers: The War Against Germany
Chapter XIII: Looking Ahead to the Continent
Chapter XIV: Preparing for the D-Day Landings
Chapter XV: The Landings on OMAHA and UTAH
Chapter XVI: Developing Beaches and Reconstructing Ports

Engineers anchor reinforced track for vehicles 
		coming ashore at OMAHA

The Medical Department
The Medical Department: Medical Services in the European Theater
Chapter VI: Preparations for Invasion
Chapter VII: Introduction to Battle

Medics administering first aid to invasion 
		casualties on UTAH

The Ordnance Department
The Ordnance Department: On Beachhead and Battlefront
Chapter XIII: Arming for Grand Campaign
Chapter XIV: The Far Shore in Normandy

Rhino ferry discharging ordnance troops and supplies on a 
		Normandy beach

The Quartermaster Corps
The Quartermaster Corps: Operations in the War Against Germany
Chapter XI: The Build-Up for OVERLORD

Quartermaster soldiers set up a POL dump

The Signal Corps
The Signal Corps: The Outcome
Chapter III: The Signal Corps in the ETO to mid-1944

WACs operating a radio-telephoto transmitter at a 
		Signal Corps station in England

The Transportation Corps
The Transportation Corps: Operations Overseas
Chapter VI: The Invasion of Normandy

Transportation tugs nudge Phoenixes into position before their flood valves are opened and they sink to the ocean floor.

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